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Executive Director



Organization Summary:

Our Mission  

Celebrating and developing each person’s God-given potential to contribute to our world.

Our Vision

We envision communities where relationships are forming, and where people are connecting with resources to gain hope and to improve their lives.


We will accomplish our mission by teaming with a network of nonprofits/churches/schools, businesses, Christian volunteers, and government agencies. These partners will provide education, whole-life development, and/or employment development to resource impoverished individuals strengthening the Twin Cities’ community.


UpWorks takes a holistic approach to strengthen both individuals and the community at-large through:

·       Leadership Development – We will seek to develop everyone’s leadership abilities.

·       Community Listening – We will listen to community residents to identify felt needs.

·       Empowerment – We will offer services, resources and opportunities in a way that leads to development not dependency.

·       Reconciliation – We will promote reconciliation; first people to God and then people to people.


Location: Twin Cities Metro Activity Area: Employment and/or Job Related
Category: Executive Director/CEO Closing Date: Apr 30, 2019
Job Type: Full Time Salary: Based on Experience
Hours: 40 hours/week 

Primary Duties:

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

This position is responsible for the organization’s vision, strategic leadership, fundraising, partnership development, and new site/mission expansion.

A.    Strategic Leadership  

1)    Ability to communicate effectively and maintain good relations with local and national leaders, creating a strategic and strong network of diverse partners organizations, volunteers, financial supporters, etc.

2)    Develop, cultivate, support, and help recruit a strong Board of Directors; serve as ex-officio member of each committee, seek and build board involvement with strategic direction for both ongoing local operations as well as for additional sites.

3)   Become a local and national presence that communicates program results with an emphasis on the success of the local program as a model for regional and national replication.

B.  Strategic Planning  

1)    Work closely with a diverse board of directors and staff to develop and implement multi-year strategic plans that establish goals, define strategies and actions that move UpWorks towards its vision.

2)    Expand local revenue generating fundraising activities to support existing program operations and regional expansion while ensuring long-term sustainability of the organization.

3)    Use external presence and relationships to garner new opportunities.

4)    Begin to build partnerships in new markets, establishing relationships with funders along with political and community leaders at each expansion site.

C.  Fund Raising and Development                                         

1)     Attract and solicit financial resources for UpWorks by implementing         strong program plans and strategies that attract revenue.

2)     Develop and execute comprehensive marketing, branding and development strategies to enhance revenue flow.

3)     Develop and effectively execute annual fund-raising strategies with board members support.  

D.  Management/Operations

1)     Supervise, lead, coach, develop, and retain the program directors and administrative staff in utilizing each person’s giftedness to develop and execute the strategies that accomplish UpWorks’ mission in collaboration with a variety of partners

2)     Participates in the design and vision for UpWorks as a Christian organization that facilitates Christians volunteering to share God’s love and care with others.

3)     Evaluate program components, so as to measure success that can be effectively communicated to the board, funders, and other stakeholders

4)     Attend board meetings and provide an update on the strategic plan, annual goals, and community impact at each meeting.  

5)     Assists in the development of new ministries and partnerships to accomplish the desired outcomes.

E.  Finance/Budgeting

1)    Working knowledge of accounting, budgeting, payroll and benefits administration

2)    Oversee the bookkeeping/accounting staff or outside contractors to ensure the organization is fiscally sound while operating efficiently and with excellence.

3)    Work with staff and the finance committee in preparing the annual budget.

4)    Ensure that adequate funds are available through fund raising and strong fiscal management to allow UpWorks to carry out its mission. 


1)    BA or higher in Christian Ministry, Business or other related field

2)    10 or more years of service in a Christian ministry, fundraising and/or non-profit leadership serving in diverse communities. 


1)    A follower of Jesus modeling a life of prayer, repentance, and faith in action.

2)    A growing faith with reliance on the Holy Spirit’s leadership.


How To Apply:

Qualified candidates should send their resume and a cover letter to no later than April 30.


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