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4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator, Otter Tail County

University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development


Organization Summary:

University of Minnesota is part of the national network of land-grant institutions with a mission to address critical public issues through teaching, research and outreach.  Extension delivers on the University's land-grant mission, working with Minnesotans to address important issues, creating a better world for future generations. Find further information at

Location: Northwest MN Activity Area: Education Related
Category: Program Management Closing Date: open until filled
Job Type: Full Time Salary: $20.00+/hr

Primary Duties:

Working Title: 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator 

University Job Classification: Extension Program Associate 3, civil service appointment. 

Application Deadline:  Review of the application will begin November 1; position will remain open until filled

The primary focus of this position will be the engagement of young people currently underrepresented in enrichment programs and activities, in positive youth development experiences through which they have opportunity to learn and lead in context of their community and beyond.

The position will build relationships and work with partners and stakeholders (schools, community organizations, county agencies, young people, volunteers, and others who work with and/or on behalf of youth, families and communities) to develop a shared vision for youth development programs that engage young people in positive asset building experiences. The individual in this position has full responsibility and authority to steward the program development, human resources, and financial aspects of the program. They will lead and organize youth programs and activities, coordinate events, facilitate data collection, promote and market the youth development experiences, and seek to identify and leverage resources to support and strengthen youth development opportunities. A Bachelor's degree and four (4) years of related experience is required. 

Program Leadership and Development--50%
*Deliver programs guided by research-based curricula and methods that support the learning and positive development of young people.  
-Use the U of MN Extension Center for Youth Development 4-H Program Planning Model. 
-Engage youth voice and partners in program planning. 
-Develop, implement and evaluate programs to advance program goals.  
-Use research-based curriculum and best practices in the field, to create and implement learning opportunities that reach out to diverse and historically underserved youth and adult audiences in a variety of settings. Examples of learning opportunities include but are not limited to: clubs, camps and youth groups that offer quality learning environments with SAFE (sequential, active, focused, explicit) features.  
-Provide opportunities for reflection and public recognition.
*Ensure youth program is reflective of community youth development needs and priorities while aligning with desired Center for Youth Development program outcomes.
*Maintain and ensure accessibility and quality for all youth through a full range of youth development experiences. Coordinate youth involvement of interested youth in regional, state and national 4-H Youth Development opportunities for learning and leadership development. 
*Provide leadership for local stakeholder groups and committees to inform and guide program development and delivery.
*Create opportunities for youth to build relationships with caring and supportive adults and peers. 
*Teach volunteers and others who work with and on behalf of youth to create high quality, culturally responsive learning environments.
*Study our practice to add knowledge to youth development and related fields.
*Collaborate with colleagues in county, regional, and state positions to ensure quality and use of best practices. 
*Contribute to regional and state program teams. 
*Follow and implement University of Minnesota Extension, and 4-H Youth Development policies and practices.

Partnership and Volunteer Development--25% 
*Identify, establish and support partnerships with other youth serving programs, organizations, and individuals to achieve program goals and develop infrastructure to build program capacity and contributes to long-term sustainability.  
*Build relationships with partners (invested stakeholders, schools, organizations, and agencies working with and on behalf of youth) to help advance program goals. 
*Identify, recruit, train and support adults in the community to lead, guide and mentor youth in programs. 
*Guide adult volunteers in planning and leading the direct delivery of youth programs, seeking out resources and providing training to help them be effective in their roles. 
*Develop intentional methods of reaching new volunteers and interns. 
*Ensure the volunteer screening process is implemented and up to date. 
*Address problems that arise with volunteers.

Fiscal Responsibility--15% 
*Guide resource development and accountability process for youth development outreach.  Incorporate best practices into the financial management systems.
*Generate and manage revenue to enhance educational programming, including program agreements, and sponsored projects or grants. 
*Ensure all University of Minnesota Extension and Center for Youth Development fiscal policies and best practices are followed.

Marketing, Recruitment, Evaluation & Reporting--10% 
*Develop a communications plan and ensure effective communication to partners, youth and families. 
*Communicate the value, impacts and outcomes of the 4-H youth development program with local stakeholders, media, and Center for Youth Development Leadership. 

*Collect and ensure entry of data for program reporting. 


Required Qualifications:
1.    Bachelor's degree. 
2.    Four (4) or more years of relevant experience including any combination of the following:
a.    Paid employment with a youth development organization. 
b.    Paid employment with an organization/business not related to youth development when work included responsibilities related to the position.  (Transferable related experience typically includes the following)
*developing, leading, managing and/or evaluating educational programs; 
*teaching youth or adults;
*recruiting and/or guiding youth; 
*recruiting, guiding and/or supervising volunteers; 
*planning and coordinating events and/or educational activities; 
*community organizing/partnership building;
*board leadership and/or management;
*budgeting and managing finances; 
*managing conflict, risk and/or policies/rules; 
*writing and distributing marketing and communication materials. 
c.    Volunteer leadership as a college student or adult when the contribution includes responsibilities related to the position.  (Experience will be prorated based on work related to the responsibilities as listed under “b” above with up to 2 years of credit granted for volunteer leadership.) 
d.    Participation for four or more years in a youth development organization as a middle or high school student. (Up to one year of experience will be credited for youth participation.)   
3.    Valid driver’s license and access to reliable transportation for job-related travel.
4.    Personal cell phone that can be used, as needed, for work purposes.  
5.    Ability to maintain a flexible work schedule, including evening and weekend work, as needed. 

**NOTE:  If you have experience in a direct youth development organization as a member and/or a volunteer and/or in a leadership role please provide the organization name, describe the role/duties, start & end dates (month/year), and average hours per week in your resume or cover letter.

Preferred Qualifications:
*Degree in education, sociology, youth development or related field.
*Evidence of college level coursework in youth development, volunteer development, program development, and/or project management.  
*Evidence of experience with a youth development organization.
*Evidence of experience across multiple areas defined in the required qualifications.  
*Demonstrated experience in applying youth development principles to an educational context.
*Demonstrated experience in planning, organizing, problem solving and successfully completing multiple tasks under pressure of deadline.
*Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
*Demonstrated ability to work effectively with individuals, organizations, and/or communities representing new, culturally diverse, economically diverse, and/or underserved audiences. 
*Respectful and professional communication style, with good verbal and written communication skills. 

*Experience using computers and distance technologies for data entry, creating documents, doing internet searches, communicate, participate in web-based communication and training, and/or market and deliver educational programming. 


How To Apply:

 Apply online at

Job ID: 320530

Applications must be submitted online.  To be considered for this position, please click the Apply button and follow the instructions.  You will have the opportunity to complete an online application for the position.  Complete the brief application and include the following attachments with your online application:

1.    Cover letter which:
a.    Describes your qualifications for the position based upon the job qualifications and position responsibilities.
b.    Includes examples of your proven ability to perform this job.
c.    Indicates location(s) of preference 
2.    Resume which lists items a-d below. For each position includes name of the organization, title (if applicable), responsibilities, start and end dates (month, day, year), and average hours per week.      
a.    Paid employment with youth development organization(s).  
b.    Paid employment with an organization/business not related to youth development when work includes responsibilities related to the position, as listed under “required qualifications.” 
c.    Volunteer leadership as a college student or adult when the contribution included responsibilities related to the position, as listed under “required qualifications.” 
d.    Participation as a middle and/or high school student in a youth development organization. 
3.    College transcripts.

For questions about applying online, contact: 
Naaz Babvani
Telephone: 612-624-3717 

For questions about this position contact:

Tamie Bremseth

Director, Youth Development Operations


Additional documents may be attached after application by accessing your "My Activities" page and uploading documents there.

To request an accommodation during the application process, please e-mail or call (612) 624-UOHR (8647).


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