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Finance Committee Member

Minnesota Communities Caring for Children


Organization Summary:

Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (MCCC) is a statewide nonprofit organization that empowers parents and builds the capacity of communities to create environments where all children thrive. Childhood experiences – both positive and negative – have significant impacts on physical, mental, social, and emotional health in adulthood. When fundamentals such as safety and self-worth are woven into a child’s brain architecture, that child is more likely to develop into a healthy adult. On the other hand, a child exposed to violence or neglect is more likely to develop physical and mental health complications. MCCC works with families, communities, and state and local agencies to create opportunities for all children to have healthy childhoods; we do this through our mission to empower individuals and communities to stop child abuse and neglect before it starts through awareness, education, support, and leadership leading to action.

Location: Twin Cities Metro Activity Area: Human Services and/or Youth Development
Category: Financial Management Closing Date: open until filled
Job Type: Volunteer Salary: volunteer position, no monetary payment
Hours: 2 - 6 hours per month 

Primary Duties:

The Finance & Audit Committee will assist the board to discharge its obligations in relation to the legal, ethical and financial integrity of the organization, and to maintain its accountability to stakeholders, thereby protecting the good name of, and trust in, Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (MCCC).


Additional Info:

i. Strategic 1. Review the effectiveness of the systems of internal control operated by management 2. Recommend to the board the appointment of the auditor, and the scope and terms of the appointment 3. Review draft financial reports with the auditor, the conduct of the audit and any matters arising from the audit, and report to the board on any matters relating to the board’s adoption of the report, including its compliance with relevant laws and reporting or accounting standards 4. Review any related-party transactions and report specifically on them to the board 5. Examine reports of the auditor on any matter relating to the committee’s charter, and confirm that management’s responses to any recommendations made by the auditor are appropriate 6. Review the codes of conduct adopted by management, the processes adopted by management to promulgate such codes, and the extent to which all employees are aware of and committed to them ii. Operational 1. Attend meetings in person or by phone 2. Report financial status of MCCC to Board at all Board meetings 3. Report financial concerns to Board, as appropriate 4. Meet with Development Committee regarding annual budget planning and recommendations 5. Recommend an annual budget to the Board for approval at year’s end 6. Carry out ad hoc tasks assigned to the committee by the board. Such assignments shall be relevant to the purpose and objectives of the committee 7. Regularly (at least annually) assess the performance of the committee itself using appropriate aids such as feedback from the auditor, and recommend changes to the committee’s charter as appropriate 8. Keep the board informed of the committee’s activities and findings, and on any matters relating to the purpose and objectives of the committee

How To Apply:

If you are interested in joining the Finance Committee or have any questions, please contact our CEO, Shelley Jacobson, at or 651-523-0099.


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