Negotiation Tools for Nonprofits

Date: Apr 16, 2019
Time: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
2314 University Ave. W., Suite 20, St. Paul

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When most of us think of negotiating, we may imagine an uncomfortable conversation about salary, flex scheduling, or a different work station. While those are examples of one type of negotiation, most of us actually negotiate all the time without thinking about what we’re doing as “negotiating.' Can you think of a time you may have talked to a program partner about how a program or service was being delivered because a circumstance changed and the program needed to adjust? If you care about your programs, your co-workers, and the people your organization serves, you already have everything you need to become a confident, skilled, nonprofit negotiator: You are passionate about achieving the best outcome. Now learn how to channel your passion into a collaborative negotiation process to achieve great results for yourself, your co-workers, and your programs!

Join MCN to demystify the negotiation process, learn tools from negotiation experts, and apply your new communication skills. By the end of the session, you’ll be more comfortable negotiating everything from benefits and salaries to better program contracts and grant terms, all while staying true to yourself and your work!

Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn the nuts and bolts of the negotiation process and understand how to use it strategically.
  • To learn and practice interest based communication skills to explore underlying needs and interests.
  • To explore participants’ examples and practice preparing a negotiation plan.

Event Details

Refreshments: Coffee, tea and a light snack will be provided.

Travel: Driving directions and transit options are available on MCN's website.

About the Presenter

Alex GlassmannAlex Glassmann is a licensed attorney who works exclusively as a mediator. He mediates at Erickson Mediation on average six days a week, helping couples build parenting plans, budgets, and any other agreements needed to shore up the terms of a pending divorce or post-divorce situation. Over the past five years, Alex has helped hundreds of clients to resolve their disputes through mediation—as well as trained organizations’ members in the art of peacemaking through the Conflict Resolution Center, a local nonprofit organization for which he serves on the board of directors. He also currently serves on the board of directors of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and serves the Council of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association. Prior to joining Erickson Mediation, Alex worked as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable Judge Bruce A. Peterson, researching law and drafting court orders and memoranda. He obtained his B.A. from Pomona College and graduated cum laude from the University of Minnesota Law School.

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