Nonprofit Diversity Leadership Series: What Not to Do in DE & I Work

Date: Sep 14, 2018
Time: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits - River Room
2314 University Ave. W., Suite 20, St. Paul

Fee: $50 for MCN members / $85 for nonmembers Register Now!

We will explore what to do for what outcome. Different approaches are required given the organizational context. Some organizations need brown bag lunches while others need top leaders to look at the data regarding underserved populations. What you do as a leader is based upon where your organization sits on the integration continuum.

Key Questions:

  • Should we have diversity affinity groups?
  • Is it appropriate to have an affirmative action committee?
  • What is the difference between a diversity advisory group and equity team?

Focus Areas:

  • Conflict Management & Mitigation
  • Cultural Competence & Responsiveness
  • Legal Resources & Responsibilities
  • Anti-Bias, Prejudice Reduction and Discrimination

About the Nonprofit Diversity Leadership Series

Now more than ever, nonprofit leaders, managers, staff and board members need to live and work in a culturally competent manner. We need the skills and attitudes to effectively engage with and offer programming across diverse communities.

This series of workshops is designed for you. Join us, whether you are the staff person leading the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work in your organization or you are personally interested in seeing your organization become more culturally competent.

Register for the Series:

You can register for this single session in the series by clicking on the above Register Now button, or you register for the entire series of seven workshops and save! The series is $250 for all seven workshops for MCN members/$425 for nonmembers.

2018 Nonprofit Diversity Leadership Series:


Principles & Practices

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is committed to offering training sessions that support the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. This workshop helps us achieve the following:

  • HR 18: Nonprofits should strive toward creating a workplace that welcomes and supports employees who reflect the diversity of their community.
  • LEAD 12: Nonprofit leaders should create and sustain an organizational culture that best advances the nonprofit’s mission and goals.
  • LEAD 17: Nonprofit leaders should encourage their organization’s staff and board to seek out, recognize and leverage the shared and different values of diverse cultures.

Event Details

Refreshments: Coffee, tea and a light snack will be provided.

Travel: Driving directions and transit options are available on MCN's website.

About the Presenter

Andre KoenAndre Koen of AM Horizons Training Group is an energetic presenter, a powerful communicator and a dynamic teacher. He provides face-to-face and online courses on diversity education including leadership development, empowerment training, cross-cultural competence, sensitivity training, anti-racism training and team building. Andre helps government and educational organizations manage and train staff, employees, and clients on diversity issues without blame, fault or guilt. His organization understands that people are doing the best they can with what they have, yet encourages them to examine themselves, explore other cultures and become allies for others. He motivates individuals to create something collaboratively. His courses teach individuals to dissect, analyze and make meaning of the issues that challenge us in a fair, balanced way that people can hear and understand.

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