Understand and Invest in Your Organization’s Culture

Date: Apr 27, 2018
Time: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
2314 University Ave. W., Suite 20, St. Paul

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Each organization has its own unique organizational culture that starts at inception. It stems from the vision of their own leaders along with all the different experiences that individual members bring into the mix, including stakeholders and partners. This creates a dynamic, living and breathing eco-system.

The objectives of this training are to:

  1. Understand your current eco-system and organizational needs,
  2. Stimulate innovative approaches to move through blocks and grow,
  3. Increase self-awareness to balance drive and value, 
  4. Engage vital components of an ecoCreative culture.

In this workshop, learn what an ecoCreative culture is by reviewing five organizational examples and the conditions it takes to create positive movement. Listen to what your organization needs by understanding these patterns of culture. Apply what you learn to enhance teamwork and support a thriving organization.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” Peter Drucker

This workshop will inspire participants to work collaboratively within their organizations and/or across organizations. Participants will connect with one another through a variety of interactive activities and discussion to equip them in creating successful collaborate efforts and movement toward an ecoCreative culture. The activities are based on the Move As One system.

Move As One is an organic, ecoCreative system that empowers leaders and teams.
It combines best practices from strategic organizational processes with eastern wisdom and methods to develop responsive leaders, high-performing teams and thriving organizations.
This system cultivates a wholistic, eco-system perspective and aligns presence, passion, purpose and partnership for remarkably enhanced performance. 

Principles & Practices

In an effort to support nonprofits in fulfilling their missions, this workshop will help to focus your work on the following practices:

  • LEAD 2: Nonprofit leaders should devote time and attention to analyze the changing environment and steer the organization through those changes.
  • LEAD 3: Nonprofit leaders should actively seek to understand underlying causes of mission-related issues and use this awareness to focus organization activities.
  • LEAD 7: Nonprofit leaders should help the organization cope with multiple demands by focusing the organization’s attention on timely mission-relevant issues and opportunities.
  • LEAD 12: Nonprofit leaders should create and sustain an organizational culture that best advances the nonprofit’s mission and goals.
  • LEAD 19: Nonprofit leaders should allow for and encourage questions and reflections on the organization’s strategies, effectiveness and ability to change.

Event Details

Refreshments: Coffee, tea and a light snack will be provided.

Travel: Driving directions and transit options are available on MCN's website.

About the Presenter

Julie DeleneMove As One, LLC founder Julie Delene is a transformation agent with over twenty-five years experience defining business strategy, driving growth, improving performance and facilitating change for major organizations including Mayo Clinic, Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness, Wells Fargo, and Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. 

Julie is the creator of the Move As One system and 5 Mindful Moves™ - a proven, powerful approach to strengthening, energizing and focusing business leaders and teams. Julie is also the author of Moved To Create and the Move As One game. She has synthesized more than two decades as a strategic management consultant with extensive studies in mindfulness, eastern wisdom and partner dance.

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