Greater Minnesota Northeast Leadership Summit: Convening Nonprofit Leaders

Date: Nov 14, 2017
Time: 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM

Pier B Resort
800 W. Railroad St., Duluth

Fee: $35 for MCN Members / $50 for nonmembers Register Now!

This one-day leadership summit will focus on the challenges and assets of being a leader within the nonprofit sector in Northeastern Minnesota. It will be geared for leadership of all organizational sizes, including staff, volunteers and board members. You will access new tools, gain new knowledge, develop new skills, and enhance your own leadership abilities.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to network, learn, and share: 

  • Personal strengths assessment
  • Basic skills in coaching themselves and others
  • Relevant and realistic action plans to improve stress and time management
  • Learn and develop skills in inquiry and reflection
  • Focus on taking actions on current priorities
  • Share highly practical advice, materials, and feedback
  • Participate in action-focused cohorts

The Summit will guide you to share powerful coaching and networking with other leaders in similar situations in order to solve real-world problems and take advantage of real-world opportunities. The day will be designed around the core skills needed to become a more effective employee, supervisor and community leader. Meanwhile, forming close and learning relationships with others in the sector.

At the end of the day, executive directors are invited to attend a Meet & Greet Social Hour from 4 – 5 p.m. This event will be hosted by the Northeast MCN Advisory Committee. There will be appetizers and cash bar.

Special Thanks to the Leadership Summit sponsor: 
Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

Principles & Practices

This workshop will help you to focus on some or all of the following:

  • LEAD 1: Nonprofit leaders should make clear the decision making structures and processes of the organization and its governing body.
  • LEAD 2: Nonprofit leaders should devote time and attention to analyze the changing environment and steer the organization through those changes.
  • LEAD 11: Nonprofit leaders should continually develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of others at all levels of the organization to take on greater responsibility for carrying out the organization’s mission and engaging community members.
  • LEAD 13: Nonprofit leaders should push the organization to make difficult and timely decisions, challenge others in the organization when necessary, and permit conflicting views to be expressed on the way to reaching resolution.
  • LEAD 15: Nonprofit leaders should identify and implement opportunities that enhance a positive working environment.
  • LEAD 17: Nonprofit leaders should encourage their organization’s staff and board to seek out, recognize, and leverage the shared and different values of diverse cultures.
  • LEAD 18: Nonprofit leaders should pay attention to and attend to their need for professional and personal renewal, and also encourage the same in others.
  • LEAD 19: Nonprofit leaders should allow for and encourage questions and reflections on the organization’s strategies, effectiveness, and ability to change.
    Event Details

Event Details

Refreshments: A light breakfast, coffee and tea and lunch will be provided. The Executive Director Social Hour will have a cash bar.

Travel: Visit Pier B's website for directions. There is a hotel attached to the conference center.

About the Presenters

Carter McNamaraA native of North Dakota, Carter McNamara of Authenticity Consulting, is one of the nation’s top experts on nonprofit boards. He is well-known for his highly practical tools for boards and for his lively, highly interactive training sessions. Carter has 25 years of real-world leadership and management experience. He has an M.B.A. from the University of St. Thomas and a Ph.D. from Union Institute & University.


Teri McNamaraTeri McNamara of Authenticity Consulting has been designing, facilitating and training with peer learning programs for over 15 years. She co-facilitates nonprofit organization development sessions on board development, leadership development and strategic planning. Teri also manages the publishing business and administrative operations of Authenticity Consulting.  She has a B.S. from University of North Dakota.

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