Greater Minnesota Group Facilitation with Conflict Resolution Center

Date: Sep 20, 2017
Time: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

SCSU Welcome Center - Classroom #120
355 5th Ave. S., St. Cloud

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Learn about the dynamics of group processes, the participatory values that underlie group decision making and the fundamental skills that a facilitator needs to effectively manage a group in making high quality, lasting decisions. The presentation will focus on both theory and skills, with interactive activities. Handouts with practical tips will be provided.

Principles & Practices

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is committed to offering training sessions that support the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. This workshop helps us achieve the following:

  • HR 14: Nonprofit organizations should create a culture of transparency and open communication where internal information is shared as appropriate. This also includes being open to input from personnel regarding the organization’s activities and results on a continual basis.
  • LEAD 13: Nonprofit leaders should push the organization to make difficult and timely decisions, challenge others in the organization when necessary, and permit conflicting views to be expressed on the way to reaching resolution.
  • LEAD 19: Nonprofit leaders should allow for and encourage questions and reflections on the organization’s strategies, effectiveness and ability to change.

About the Presenter

Roseanna RossRoseanna G. Ross is professor emerita in Communication Studies at St. Cloud State University and past department chairperson, with 40 years of experience as a communication consultant and trainer in both profit and nonprofit sectors. Roseanna, a mediator and conflict coach, is a qualified neutral/mediator under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice, and is co-developer of the Ross-DeWine Conflict Management Message Style, a self-report conflict style instrument. Roseanna has a Ph.D. from Ohio University with a focus in interpersonal and small group communication.


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