Workplace Diversity Series: Eliminating Bias

Date: Mar 29, 2017
Time: 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Jim Ramstad Center - CEUPartners
1550 E. 78th St., Richfield

Fee: This session is full. No wait-list available.

This workshop will introduce a variety of strategies and tools for understanding bias and working to eliminate it. Participants will learn about the following concepts:

  • Paradigms: how you see the world.
  • Why you see the world this way: missing pieces.
  • Copies of copies.
  • Implicit bias test: what it says and doesn't say.
  • Owning our bias: bigotry, prejudice & discrimination.


  • Learn definitions and guiding assumptions about race, racism and cultural competence.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of individual, institutional and societal cultural manifestations of culture.
  • Understand conscious and unconscious mores in a culture.
  • Understand the experiences of people from different racial heritages.
  • Explore the costs and benefits of working to end racism through building on cultural strengths.

Principles & Practices

In addition to the information listed above, this event will address the following practices:

  • HR 18: Nonprofits should strive toward creating a workplace that welcomes and supports employees who reflect the diversity of their community.
  • LEAD 12: Nonprofit leaders should create and sustain an organizational culture that best advances the nonprofit’s mission and goals.
  • LEAD 17: Nonprofit leaders should encourage their organization’s staff and board to seek out, recognize and leverage the shared and different values of diverse cultures.

About the Series

The Workplace Diversity Series is offered quarterly by the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits in conjunction with Andre Koen of AM Horizons Training Group. Join these workshops to come together with a small group of nonprofit leaders to explore issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Register for one session at the regular rate and attend subsequent sessions in this series for $20 off. (You’ll receive a promo code in the confirmation email after completing registration for one session.)

Event Details

Calendar: Add this event to your calendar on Outlook or Google.

Parking: There is a free parking lot surrounding the Jim Ramstad Community Service Center. The session will take place in Room 210 (near the kitchen).

Refreshments: Coffee and tea will be provided.

About the Presenter

Andre KoenAndre Koen of AM Horizons Training Group is an energetic presenter, a powerful communicator and a dynamic teacher. He provides face-to-face and online courses on diversity education including leadership development, empowerment training, cross-cultural competence, sensitivity training, anti-racism training and team building. Andre helps government and educational organizations manage and train staff, employees, and clients on diversity issues without blame, fault or guilt. His organization understands that people are doing the best they can with what they have, yet encourages them to examine themselves, explore other cultures and become allies for others. He motivates individuals to create something collaboratively. His courses teach individuals to dissect, analyze and make meaning of the issues that challenge us in a fair, balanced way that people can hear and understand.

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