Webinar How a Bill Becomes a Law

Date: Jan 30, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Fee: Free

Learn how to take your “great idea” and make it a legislative reality. This webinar will discuss the legislative process, including finding a bill author, bill drafting, testifying in committee and tips for successful implementation once passed. This webinar is part of the 2013 Nonprofit Advocacy Webinar Series (see full list below of topics)

About the Presenters

photo of Jeannie FoxJeannie Fox has been MCN’s deputy public policy director for the past eight years. Prior to that she had a career in human services, developing and overseeing various crisis residential services. Jeannie is also adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs and is a Training Fellow for the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest.


photo of Sue AbderholdenSue Abderholden is currently the executive director of NAMI Minnesota. She also held positions at PACER Center, Arc of Minnesota and US Senator Paul Wellstone’s Minnesota office. She has over 30 years experience in developing and advocating for changes in public policies.




How a Bill Becomes a Law, January 30

Learn how to take your “great idea” and make it a legislative reality. This webinar will discuss the legislative process, including finding a bill author, bill drafting, testifying in committee and tips for successful implementation once passed.

Working in Coalitions, February 27

Uniting around common issues or goals, and forming a coalition, is a very effective way to raise the visibility of organizations and to increase the voice of nonprofit advocacy. Coalition-building requires constant attention and nurturing and can be prone to common pitfalls.  This webinar examines strategies for success in being part of a larger force to be reckoned with! 

Understanding the State Budget, March 27

Advocates, community leaders, and front-line staff benefit from understanding how the state’s budget process works - and how to participate in that process on behalf of the programs they care about and the people they serve.  Learn the basics of the Minnesota state budget, its timeline, how it travels through the legislature and opportunities for input and advocacy in the budget process.  

Advocating Through the Media, April 24

Learn an efficient way of raising awareness of your issue on a large scale to complement your direct and grassroots strategies. The presenters will discuss digital and more traditional forms of working with media to advance your cause. 

Working with Members of Congress, May 22

30 cents of every dollar spent in the state budget originates in Washington, D.C. Both budget and policy decisions made in the nation’s capital affect Minnesotans greatly. Tune in to visit with a congressional staffer to learn the best avenues to communicate (and influence!) your member of Congress. 

Session Wrap-Up, June 26

So what happened in the 2013 legislative session? Join your colleagues on this webinar to hear some of the highlights of what passed, and what didn’t, and what it may mean for Minnesota nonprofits and the people nonprofits serve. 

Civic Engagement and Local Elections, July 31

Because local elections are intimate affairs, your organization can also build rapport with local candidates and elected officials who make many decisions that directly affect your organization and community. Find out how to register and educate voters, engage candidates, and get-out-the-vote--all in the course of activities you already do. 

Building a Grassroots Strategy, August 28

Activating a strong group of supporters can be the most effective way to advance an organization’s policy interests and legislative agenda. Learn ways to identify, communicate, organize and mobilize for effective grassroots efforts. 

Working with your Board to Develop a Policy Plan, September 25

An organization’s board of directors is a great asset and an important source of input and accountability in developing a policy plan, including your advocacy agenda, resources and strategies. Learn how to assess your board’s most appropriate role, what you need from them and how they can make their best contribution in planning for effective advocacy. 

Fundraising for Advocacy, October 30

Fundraising for advocacy—is it really so difficult to raise money for advocacy? Some experience that it is, others not so. While universal challenges exist, your organization can be strategic and successful in attracting the resources it needs to participate in advocacy. Learn about techniques to meet the advocacy funding challenge—and bring your ideas to share with others! 

Evaluating Advocacy, November 20

So how do we know we did good? Evaluating advocacy presents challenges to traditional evaluation tools used in evaluating programs. Join us for a discussion on ensuring our resources are being used for maximum impact. 

Building Strategic Relationships with Elected Officials, December 11

Join us for this one-hour conversation with an elected official in order to get their best tips on how to communicate with and maintain a working relationship with decision makers at all levels of government. Learn how to be a resource to them in order to build a long-term trusting relationship toward the common good.

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