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This is a fast-paced world where media cycles are the speed of a Tweet and innovations are outdated before they have reached the masses. With robots in warehouses, bots on social media, and algorithms thinking for us - it's sometimes hard to figure out the place for people.

And at the same time, face-to-face communication is now more important than ever. Authentic communication, deep community engagement and solid one-on-one relationships are some of the factors that differentiate the excellent nonprofits from the ho-hum. 

The 2018 Nonprofit Communications & Technology Conference is the place to go to consider the ways your nonprofit is balancing the art of communication in a world of high-speed technology. You’ll dive into nonprofit strategies for everything from Sharepoint to social media, analytics to ADA compliance and much, much more. This is one conference you don’t want to miss for the latest and greatest in all things nonprofit communications and tech.

Recognizing Cultural Bias in IT and Communications

Camille Eddy, Silicon Valley roboticist and machine learning specialist

MCN will have the pleasure of hosting Camille Eddy, a roboticist in Silicon Valley. Camille has held internships in mechanical engineering and machine learning at HP Labs and Google’s X. Camille is known for breaking barriers and breaking new ground. Her talk at Minnesota’s Nonprofit Communications and Technology Conference will start with a summary of her research about cultural bias in artificial intelligence. Camille has explored the idea that – if we as creators and workers have hidden biases, then our creations and products may exist with the same biases. Camille will demonstrate the need to diversify not only the developers of technology but also the users of technology. She wants to bring more understanding to people who are 'invisible' to facial recognition because of the color of their skin or search results because of their gender. 

Using these concepts as a starting point, Camille will explore the biases present in the work of nonprofit leaders, staff, innovators and communicators. How do we fail to see difference – and thereby embed our work with blind spots? How do we fail to hear difference – and thereby silence those who are most in need of a strong voice? And how do we fail to recognize our own biases – and thereby limit our own possibilities as leaders in our organizations and communities?


Conference Planning Committee

Allison Bendickson, Senior Community Services 
Sarah Crumrine, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Kate Downing Khaled, Imagine Deliver
Paul Ernst, Cultural Technology Solutions
Karen Graham, IdealWare
Roger Hagedorn, City of Minneapolis
Signe Hushagen, Sherburne County Area United Way
Paul Masiarchin, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Shannon McCarville, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits 
Jamie Millard, Pollen
Chris Oien, Minnesota Council on Foundations
Jay Rathell
Jason Samuels, American Craft Council
Cary Walski, Copilot Web Services
John Wurm, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits


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2018 Communications & Technology Conference
Wednesday, March 21
7:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis


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Minnesota Council of Nonprofits