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Round 1 Workshops

Identifying Foundation and Corporate Grant Prospects

Essentials of Supervision

The Twelve Golden Rules of Nonprofit Finance

Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding Your Volunteers


Round 2 Workshops

Building Relationships through Social Media

Grantwriting: Getting the Most Out of Your Grant Proposal

Nonprofits as Advocates

Legal Requirements and the Importance of Being Transparent

Cost Effective Evaluation


Round 3 Workshops

Nonprofit Conflict Communication Skills

Broccoli & Cheese: Designing Digestible Data

Looking Critically at Narratives of Difference

Human Resources Basics

Bring Out the Best in Your Board: Tips for Effective Engagement


Round 4 Workshops

Leading From the Middle: A Networked Approach

From A-Zuckerberg: Websites & Apps that Make Work and Life Easier

Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

Make $ Make ¢: Reading and Understanding Financial Statements


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August 16, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
University of St. Thomas
1000 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits