2015 MCN Program Evaluation


Understanding Who We Serve and How We Impact Communities

MCN works to inform, promote, connect Understanding Who We Serve: 2015 Program Evaluationand strengthen individual nonprofits and the nonprofit sector. One way MCN does this work is by carrying out dozens of professional training workshops and conferences across Minnesota each year.

During 2015, 5,722 nonprofit staff, managers, board members and allies participated in at least one of MCN’s 78 workshops or seven conferences. Many individuals attended more than one session and hundreds of others attended our 89 free networking events across the state.
In order to assess the depth and breadth of our trainings, MCN surveyed all 2015 event attendees. With a 10% response rate, the survey results provide valuable information about MCN’s impact on the nonprofit sector.

As a result of attending an MCN event, 82 percent of respondents reported major changes in their work. For example, 37 percent developed a new relationship for their work, 26 percent improved the way they evaluate and 21 percent developed a new fundraising initiative. An impressive 29 percent followed up with an exhibitor, consultant or potential customer. As a result of these organizational development activities, 74 percent of attendees took actions that positively impacted their organizations’ beneficiaries.

Now that MCN has been gathering outcome data for four years, some trends, strengths and gaps in services have emerged. For example, each year attendees cite high levels of activity to improve their fundraising, evaluation and relationship building. In 2015, the survey saw fewer requests for access to programming in Greater Minnesota; this is a success due to MCN’s expansion to six staff working outside the Twin Cities. And MCN continues to see demand for more and new networking activities. While MCN continues to experiment with new networking ideas, we will keep working to meet the level of interest for informal relationship building.

The vision of MCN’s work is to support nonprofit organizations so that our attendees may accomplish their missions for a healthy, cooperative and just society. MCN will continue to learn from this feedback as well as the evaluations conducted after every MCN event. MCN aims to better understand the needs of nonprofits and to further enhance educational programming.

If you have questions or suggestions, contact Paul Masiarchin, MCN’s program director at pmasiarchin@minnesotanonprofits.org or Andrew Bocher, emerging nonprofit specialist, at abocher@minnesotanonprofits.org.

View further information from our 2015 program evaluation here.

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