Impact Initiative

Significant sections of Minnesota’s nonprofit service sector are facing major shifts in funding, legal mandates and client demographics – requiring a serious reevaluation of the structure, size and decision-making for these fields. This reexamination across multiple actors in a field under stress does not always happen automatically, and could benefit from an organized and concentrated process for organizations willing to actively consider transforming the way they do their work.

The Impact Initiative partners are seeking nonprofit leaders in specific activity areas to explore opportunities for a realignment of their field, resulting in new ways of thinking and providing services to meet growing demands in health and human services. This project is a “coalition of the willing,” where interested leaders – nonprofit executive leadership and board members - will have an opportunity to engage in a structured process stimulating new thinking and ways of working together.

The Impact Initiative has three principal goals for the fields that participate:

  1. Better informed decision-makers within organizations, and common understanding of the new environment across organizations in the same field;
  2. Increased trust, connection and knowledge within the field that increases the potential for positive collective action;
  3. Creation of a strategic moment for a field when major decisions and initiatives can be launched, strengthening a healthy diverse field capable of delivering more effective services and community leadership.

For the purposes of this project, “field realignment” means: The process of making new groupings of, or working arrangements among, the organizations in a defined service area, community or constituency.

This project will support field realignment in three self-nominated fields over the course of a year, through a process of field selection, mapping, convening up to 25 field leaders for three day-long assemblies including intensive facilitation, and post-convening support.


A project of the Charities Review Council, MAP for Nonprofits, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center at the Humphrey School, and Nonprofits Assistance Fund.

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