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Nonprofit Insurance Advisors is a service of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN). As a statewide association, MCN has long recognized that nonprofits have unique needs when it comes to insurance and lowering their exposure to risk. To meet this need, MCN launched Nonprofit Insurance Advisors, a new insurance agency specifically focused on brokering insurance for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.
As an independent insurance agency focused exclusively on the nonprofit market, Nonprofit Insurance Advisors staff works to understand the customized needs of each nonprofit and then matches them to insurance companies in order to find the best fit. In addition, the agency’s website provides free resources to nonprofits on risk management issues from conducting volunteer screening to finding the right D&O policy.
To receive a free quote and learn more about MCN’s insurance service, Nonprofit Insurance Advisors, visit or call 651-757-3095.
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“Nonprofit Insurance Advisors offers great experience which is tailored to the nonprofit community. That's hard to find anywhere else. We only wish we’d found them sooner! They’ve cut our annual insurance expenses by nearly half, while at the same time improving our coverage.”

Jesse Matthiesen - Minnesota Museum of Mining, Inc.