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Driven by our vision of nonprofit organizations accomplishing their missions for a healthy, cooperative, and just society, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is dedicated to advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity through enhancing and improving intercultural competence, intentionally creating inclusive spaces, and working to address disparities within the nonprofit sector.
There are many moving pieces within MCN with regards to our inclusion and equity work that we look forward to sharing throughout our journey. We are coming to the table grounded in authentic, vulnerable and transparent dialogue. We are excited to be part of all the amazing work going on to strengthen our beautiful and thriving community.


Equity | Working to put an end to disparities in power, money, access, and resources within the nonprofit sector.

Inclusion | An environment where commonality and differences are fully utilized to achieve the group's outcomes. All people, viewpoints, and experiences are heard and counted.

Diversity | We reflect our community internally while identifying and working with our diverse nonprofit members and community partners.

Focus areas


Visit our I&E resources page for more information on diversity, inclusion, and equity in the nonprofit sector.

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