Candidates for the 2014 MCN Board of Directors

MCN is pleased to announce the following five candidates for the upcoming MCN board of directors election. MCN member votes will select the next three directors for the upcoming three-year board term (2014-2016).

As a member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN), your organization is represented by an elected board of directors which works year round to govern MCN and shape its member services and public policy strategies – in which your organization has a key stake. Each MCN nonprofit member organization is eligible to cast a single ballot with up to three votes.

Five candidates have been selected by MCN’s Board Nominating Committee to be on this year’s ballot for three open positions. Voting will open in October (members will be notified via email) and will be available online as well as onsite at the MCN Annual Conference in Duluth on October 24-25, 2013. The three candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected as MCN’s next board members. Proportional voting is allowed, so you may distribute your organization's three votes among one or more candidates, or place all three votes with a single candidate.

The five candidates are profiled below. A list of MCN's current board members is available in the About Us section.

If you have questions about MCN’s voting or board election process, please contact Shelly Chamberlain at or 651-757-3068. Thank you for your continued involvement in and support of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

Joel Barker
Director of Development
Joel Barker is director of development at Fraser where he leads a talented team of professionals and serves in a key leadership position. Fraser has an annual budget of $30 million and is the largest provider of autism services in Minnesota. It provides a range of services for children, adolescents, adults and families. In addition to his role at Fraser, Joel is the president and CEO of Backpack Tactics, a Minnesota-based IT support firm which provides high quality and budget sensible IT services for nonprofits and small businesses. Joel has over 10 years of nonprofit experience, including leadership positions in development and marketing at Homeward Bound and PRISM. He has worked as a nonprofit consultant where he provided strategic counsel to over 50 nonprofits throughout Minnesota. Joel is currently the board chair for Minnesota Food Association, and is a frequent speaker and instructor at nonprofit events and conferences.
According to Joel, “I am humbled and honored to be nominated. From the start of my career I have been enamored with the nonprofit community. Every day my colleagues show me that passion and unity around mission, whatever your nonprofit cause, is the soul of our community. I love that we can work together to make our state the best place to live – for everyone! Over the past 10+ years, as I have increased my leadership responsibilities, I have had the opportunity to learn from some great nonprofit leaders, community supporters and business professionals. I think sharing knowledge and experience is priceless. In my current role as a nonprofit director, board member and service provider, I am in a unique position to see a global perspective of our sector and have dialogue with leaders around the state. I believe my distinct intersection of knowledge and depth of experience uniquely prepares me to serve on the board of directors for Minnesota Council of Nonprofits."
For more information about Fraser, please visit:
Amy Brugh, incumbent
Board Member
Amy Brugh is a nonprofit consultant specializing in planning, facilitation and project management, with a particular focus in advocacy and public health. Currently, Amy is a member of the board of directors of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, an organization which advocates for a city where bicycling is encouraged and everyone feels comfortable riding. Previously, she was the director of external relations at the Minnesota AIDS Project, where she was charged with advancing the fundraising, communications, public policy and volunteer programs, and the public affairs director for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, where she lobbied elected officials and conducted grassroots legislative and electoral campaigns. Amy has experience and expertise in nonprofit management, public policy and legislative advocacy, and program administration. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, as well as on the board of directors of MCN’s subsidiary organization, Nonprofit Insurance Advisors.
According to Amy, “I view the nonprofit sector as an avenue for social justice. I am committed to working in the sector because we are able to accomplish big things, at times with little resources. I believe nonprofits are made up of smart, effective people who work hard to advance the mission of their organizations and who genuinely want to use their professional time and energy to do good.
My specific experiences and expertise in the nonprofit sector have centered around public health, advocacy and program management. My educational training through the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health led me to a commitment to advocating for results in a more upstream way.  I had worked in direct services with youth and in education, and clinical services for unintended pregnancy and HIV prevention. I wanted to engage in advocating for prevention in a broader context and served as the public affairs director at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and as the public policy director, and later director of external relations, at the Minnesota AIDS Project. In these roles, I had the opportunity to connect my direct services experience with my newfound passion for legislative advocacy and public policy. 
My commitment to the nonprofit sector is steadfast, and my specific experiences and expertise in public policy and advocacy, direct services and public health, and board governance make up the unique voice I can bring to the MCN board of directors.”
For more information about the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition, please visit:
Molly Greenman, incumbent
President and CEO
The Family Partnership (formerly Family & Children's Service and Reuben Lindh Family Services)
Molly Greenman is president and CEO of The Family Partnership, a high performing, high impact human service organization in Minneapolis, founded in 1878. Molly has dedicated over 40 years of her life to helping children and families, and building a more just society. This has included direct work with families and children, developing innovative programs, and providing leadership in local and national family service initiatives. Her most recent efforts have focused on moving The Family Partnership to a high performance/high impact culture, developing strategic partnerships, and supporting local and national initiatives to build civic engagement of under-represented people. With three other community organizations, she co-founded the MACC CommonWealth in 2006, an innovative model of shared administrative services organization, now serving 30 organizations.  Molly has a master's degree in social work from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. from San Francisco State University. She is a licensed independent social worker and serves on the board of Alliance for Children and Families, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and chairs the MACC CommonWealth board of directors.
According to Molly, “Today’s nonprofit sector continues to face unprecedented challenges and opportunities. We are fortunate in Minnesota to have a strong and diverse nonprofit community across the state and a premiere statewide organization (i.e., MCN) to support and represent us.  Whether its health and human services, arts, economic development or environment, Minnesota is still regarded as an innovator and leader. More than ever, we need to come together to preserve this dynamic sector and keep our organizations strong,  our voices heard and our constituencies’ needs met. If re-elected to the board of MCN, I will bring over 35 years of leadership in nonprofits and community life (as both staff and board member). My specific skills and experience include governance and working with boards of directors; strategic planning; group process; partnerships; outcomes and evaluation; inclusiveness; and public policy advocacy. As important, I am a passionate supporter of the nonprofit sector as a valuable and integral part of community life.”
For more information about the The Family Partnership, please visit:
Rodolfo Gutierrez, incumbent
Executive Director
Since 2007, Rodolfo Gutierrez has served as executive director of HACER, an organization with a mission to provide the Minnesota Latino community the ability to create and control information about itself in order to affect institutional decisions and public policy. HACER accomplishes this through collaborative research efforts that are timely, methodologically sound and culturally appropriate. Rodolfo has been invited and participated as speaker in numerous forums (academic, community, etc), and brings his knowledge about cultural and ethnic diversity to the different boards on which he serves. His research and evaluation interests focus on education, immigration, health care access and housing.  He also is greatly committed in working with those who are interested in drawing a state of Minnesota where disparities tend to be eliminated, and are not based on ethnic or cultural differences. Originally from Mexico, Rodolfo brings additional previous experience in research in Mexico and the U.S., which has been extremely useful while working with different and diverse communities, not only Latino. His formal education includes history (bachelor and Ph.D.) and demography (M.S.), with extensive experience in research on demographic change. He offers a strong background in quantitative and qualitative research with an emphasis on immigration, education, health care access and cultural incorporation of diverse communities.
According to Rodolfo, “If I am favored with the opportunity to keep working as a member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits board of directors, I would look to continue my participation as a member of a community which has been growing noticeably in the state (as well as in the country), but that is still under-represented in the many forums where decisions and policies are made. I do not see myself as a representative of the large, diverse and complex Latino community, but rather the work I engage with allows me to be a close observer of the issues that confront the members of this community. As an observer, I am able to collect information which could be useful to my work with MCN’s board and with its members to join as a body of nonprofits in the state that can effectively serve a gradually more diverse society. As member of the Latino community, I hope to use the information I gain through MCN’s board and staff to contribute in better informing this group of people living in Minnesota.” 
For more information about HACER, please visit
Joanne Kosciolek
Vice President, Fund Development & Communications
Joanne Kosicolek is the vice president of fund development & communications for Aeon for the past 12 years. Aeon is a nonprofit developer, owner and manager of high-quality affordable apartments and town homes, serving more than 4,000 people annually in the Twin Cities. Joanne transformed Aeon’s fundraising area with a broader and more diverse funding stream with more than half of unrestricted revenue coming from individual donors. Prior to coming to Aeon, Joanne held director-level positions in development at HealthEast Foundation, Fairview Foundation, Girl Scout Council of Greater Minneapolis, and the United Way of the Greater St. Paul Area. Joanne currently serves on the board of HIRED, a leading Twin Cities area provider of job-skills training and employment training.
“I have more than 25 years of experience in fund development and nonprofit management from working at small nonprofits to a large United Way. With leadership experience gained by serving on boards of other Twin Cities nonprofits, organizations count on me to help them reach the next level. I am someone who propels excellence and works to strengthen organizations for greater impact. With the continued decrease in government support to meet community needs, I believe Minnesota nonprofits must be poised to tackle this changing landscape. I want to help strengthen the nonprofit sector as a resource for solutions to community problems. My core strengths are resourcefulness, problem-solving and relationship-building. My fundraising skills will prove helpful to MCN since I am very familiar with the Twin Cities philanthropic community. I can also assist other nonprofits who may be struggling with their fundraising efforts. Nonprofit work has been my passion and calling for most of my career. I look forward to the opportunity to help MCN as it works to complete its current strategic plan while looking towards the future.”
For more information about Aeon, please visit:


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