Ernesto Velez

Ernesto Velez over 12 years of experience on community organizing and activism. He led the Immigrant Empowerment Project initiatives and activities for the years 2004-2010. He has been doing development and grant work since 2008, successfully getting Centro Campesino up to $150,000 dollars in grants and contributions.

Ernesto has taken on the work of the justice program and is combining the project efforts into one program. His work has connected Centro Campesino with national groups working for fair immigration reform and worker’s justice. His academic and organizing skills are essential for the growth and success of our projects.

Finally, Ernesto began taking executive responsibilities early on 2011 according to a transition plan and served as interim executive director from July to December 2011. Ernesto will now be closing his third full year as executive director of Centro Campesino this December.

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